Instagram Name Change: The Story behind

Why thekontemporary.com? Why did I name my blog “thekontemporary.com”? I think, I have never explained the reasons behind this name and always took for granted that everyone would understand I want to say with it. When i founded my blog I still worked for a German fashion retail chain. There was a departmend with the name “Contemporary”. Contemporary fashion describes…
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Monday Musings #29: Vero True Social

Because I just link back to sources written in German, I decided to publish this post exclusively in German. Die zwei Vero-Lager Irgendwie witzig, schrieb ich in der letzten “Monday Musings”-Kolumne noch darüber, dass User vermehrt ihren Instagram-Account löschen, weil sie durch den neuen Algorithmus endgültig ihren Spaß an der App verloren haben, ist momentan eine vermeintlich Alternative zu Instagram…
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Monday Musings #28: How to make Instagram Fun again

The frustration with Instagram grows A new trend runs rampant. Or should I better say, an anti-trend? More and more of the “small” bloggers throw in the towel and delet their Instagram profiles. (You find two blogposts about this topic here and here.) Actually, I can even understand the resignation a little. After all, Instagram is changing their ominous algorithm…
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New Instagram Algorithm Changes January 2018

Instagram’s power is continuing For us fashion bloggers Instagram is a must. Actually, you can say it became our main medium. A blog is more “nice to have”, Instagram followers is what counts. However, I have do admit: I did not see this development coming. Too long I put all eggs in one basket and just worked on my blog.…
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The Instagram Phenomenon + My 5 favorite Accounts

Ein weltweites Phänomen Dass Instagram ein weltweites Phänomen ist, darauf muss ich denke ich nicht weiter eingehen. Mit mehr als 500 Millionen aktiven Nutzern täglich, 4,2 Milliarden Likes täglich und 95 Millionen geteilte Fotos täglich hat ein Instagram-Post ein deutlich höheres Engagement als einer bei Facebook oder Twitter. Im Social Media Marketing setzt sich langsam sogar der Begriff “Instagrammer” durch.…
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