Was im Influencer Marketing 2021 schiefläuft

Ich war Instagram Anfang Januar plötzlich überdrüssig Kaum hat das neue Jahr begonnen, habe ich mir eine kleine, ungeplante Instagram-Auszeit genommen. Irgendwie war mir für ein paar Tage einfach die Lust darauf vergangen, etwas online zu stellen. Eine zunehmende Abnahme der Qualität der Inhalte ließ mich am Sinn der Plattform zweifeln. Irgendwie beschleicht mich der Eindruck, dass Influencer Marketing 2021…
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The reason for my blog pause: Facebook blocked URL

Blog pause for many reasons It was quite silent here, which I am really sorry for. I really missed writing. Actually there is not one reason for this blog pause but many. Starting a new job, moving, having the focus shifted to Instagram – all in all stress and lack of time. However, these reasons are not the crucial factor…
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The new Instagram Bots

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. The End of the Bot Era & the Beginning of a New It  was a huge shock for many Instagram users when in the middle of last year Instagram shut down Instagress which was one of the most successful bot programs. The others followed soon. I followed the desperate comments about the…
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The Influencer Gap

This unabashed PR firm There are these strict bloggers who don’t do cooperations without getting paid. I think this is great and I admire these influencers. However, as a so-called “micro-influencer” I am also happy about PR samples such as high-quality clothes. For new content on Insta you always need new content. But then a PR firm overdid it. What…
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Monday Musing #30: The Instagram Trend I hate

As much as I love Instagram… I do love Instagram – still. Since I am someone who started late with the app and therefore missed the first “good old days” anyway I always try to do my best to beat the algorithm. Despite the amount of advertisment and sponsored content and still find many photos inspiring. The Instagram shot of…
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