• Sommerlektüre: „Wenn’s einfach wär, würd’s jeder machen“

    Werbung | This post is exclusively published in German. Für einen Tag am Baggersee Ich war schon immer eine Leseratte und damals als Jahrgangsbeste in Deutsch auch tatsächlich ernsthaft an Literatur interessiert. Tatsächlich hätte ich am liebsten Germanistik oder Literaturwissenschaften studiert. Doch da ich nie Lehrerin werden wollte, haben mich die bescheidenen Karriereperspektiven davon abgehalten dieses Risiko zu wagen. Lesen…
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    The new Instagram Bots

    This post contains affiliate links and product placements. The End of the Bot Era & the Beginning of a New It  was a huge shock for many Instagram users when in the middle of last year Instagram shut down Instagress which was one of the most successful bot programs. The others followed soon. I followed the desperate comments about the…
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    Long Weekend in the Alpes: A Recap

        A weekend for Alpes beginners Although I’ve been living in the south of Germany for some years now, I have to admit that I am a total Alpes beginner! Winter sports is also not really my thing and I’m also not into climbing or hiking. However, when we wanted to take a small break from our everyday routine…
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    The Era of the Monopolists

    This post contains product placements. The Death of the Fashion Forums There is an interesting quote in a German novel I am reading at the moment (“Quality Land” by Marc-Uwe Kling). It is about the beginning of the Internet. Everyone was thinking about a brave new world with endless alternatives and different choices. It would be a diverse and fair…
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    Early Summer Look in the Allgäu

    This post contains affiliate links and product placements. Escape from Everday’s Routine Last weekend I took Friday spontaneously off, booked the last Air B’n’B which was available and allowed dogs and we drove down to the Alpes. We booked an apartment in the beautiful little city of Füssen that is near the Castle of Neuschwanstein. I guess from time to…
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