Monday Musings #25: My Beloved Routine

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. The unloved, loved Routine Routine, habit, comfortzone. These are all words that have a slightly negative connotation. Instead, every self-help book tells us to leave our comfortzone and break out of our daily routine. We should travel, experience adventures and be spontaneous and flexible everywhere and everytime of the day. In no…
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Monday Musings #24: Enjoying the little things

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” Last weekend it started snowing a lot for the first time this winter. A little annoyed I brought out the trash together with Bella. Do you know what she did? Totally over the moon she rolled over the grass in…
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Monday Musings #22: The Power of being Alone

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. Being alone ≠ being lonely We live in a world where there seems to be nothing more desirable than showing how popular we are on social media. We show our amazing lives, our designer handbags and most of all: how many amazing friends we have. Hashtag #squadgoals. To enjoy being alone, to…
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Monday Musings #22: Why I still believe in Blogs

Blogs vs. Instagram – a neverending Story Blogs and Instagram, the neverending story. Just a little while ago I asked myself in this post in which direction Instagram will develop. How far can the thriving for perfection go? Until how many followers are you a “real” influencer and which follower number will we need tomorrow? Just at the end of…
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Monday Musings #21: Mainstream Feminism

Dieser Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links und Produktplatzierungen. Ist es in Ordnung, dass Feminismus Mainstream geworden ist? Es begann mit dem mittlerweile legendären Dior-Shirt “We should all be feminists”. Nicht nur wurde der Hype um Statement-Shirts im Allgemeinen wieder losgetreten, sich als Feministin bekennen war das Motto der Stunde. Feminismus (abgeleitet von lateinisch femina Frau und -ismus über französisch féminisme) ist…
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