Was im Influencer Marketing 2021 schiefläuft

Ich war Instagram Anfang Januar plötzlich überdrüssig Kaum hat das neue Jahr begonnen, habe ich mir eine kleine, ungeplante Instagram-Auszeit genommen. Irgendwie war mir für ein paar Tage einfach die Lust darauf vergangen, etwas online zu stellen. Eine zunehmende Abnahme der Qualität der Inhalte ließ mich am Sinn der Plattform zweifeln. Irgendwie beschleicht mich der Eindruck, dass Influencer Marketing 2021…
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The Era of the Monopolists

This post contains product placements. The Death of the Fashion Forums There is an interesting quote in a German novel I am reading at the moment (“Quality Land” by Marc-Uwe Kling). It is about the beginning of the Internet. Everyone was thinking about a brave new world with endless alternatives and different choices. It would be a diverse and fair…
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Instagram Name Change: The Story behind

Why thekontemporary.com? Why did I name my blog “thekontemporary.com”? I think, I have never explained the reasons behind this name and always took for granted that everyone would understand I want to say with it. When i founded my blog I still worked for a German fashion retail chain. There was a departmend with the name “Contemporary”. Contemporary fashion describes…
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Bloggerparade #1: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

For more luck in 2018 Actually, I did not really want to write this post in the first place. Writing about new year’s resolutions is such a stereotype. Nevertheless, I cannot quite deny that the start of a new year always feels like a fresh start for me. After all, it is a special date which is perfect for establishing…
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Monday Musings #22: Why I still believe in Blogs

Blogs vs. Instagram – a neverending Story Blogs and Instagram, the neverending story. Just a little while ago I asked myself in this post in which direction Instagram will develop. How far can the thriving for perfection go? Until how many followers are you a “real” influencer and which follower number will we need tomorrow? Just at the end of…
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