The Era of the Monopolists

This post contains product placements. The Death of the Fashion Forums There is an interesting quote in a German novel I am reading at the moment (“Quality Land” by Marc-Uwe Kling). It is about the beginning of the Internet. Everyone was thinking about a brave new world with endless alternatives and different choices. It would be a diverse and fair…
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Instagram Name Change: The Story behind

Why thekontemporary.com? Why did I name my blog “thekontemporary.com”? I think, I have never explained the reasons behind this name and always took for granted that everyone would understand I want to say with it. When i founded my blog I still worked for a German fashion retail chain. There was a departmend with the name “Contemporary”. Contemporary fashion describes…
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Bloggerparade #1: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

For more luck in 2018 Actually, I did not really want to write this post in the first place. Writing about new year’s resolutions is such a stereotype. Nevertheless, I cannot quite deny that the start of a new year always feels like a fresh start for me. After all, it is a special date which is perfect for establishing…
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Monday Musings #22: Why I still believe in Blogs

Blogs vs. Instagram – a neverending Story Blogs and Instagram, the neverending story. Just a little while ago I asked myself in this post in which direction Instagram will develop. How far can the thriving for perfection go? Until how many followers are you a “real” influencer and which follower number will we need tomorrow? Just at the end of…
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Monday Musings #21: Mainstream Feminism

Dieser Beitrag enthält Affiliate Links und Produktplatzierungen. Ist es in Ordnung, dass Feminismus Mainstream geworden ist? Es begann mit dem mittlerweile legendären Dior-Shirt “We should all be feminists”. Nicht nur wurde der Hype um Statement-Shirts im Allgemeinen wieder losgetreten, sich als Feministin bekennen war das Motto der Stunde. Feminismus (abgeleitet von lateinisch femina Frau und -ismus über französisch féminisme) ist…
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