1000 Questions to Myself #1

Still searching Somehow I had the assumption that you should have found your goals in life at the age of 28. You should pursue them determinedly and be on the best way to reach your full potential. But I was, to be honest, wrong with this assumption. Somehow I was in the beginning of my twenties more convinced of what…
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What Valentine’s Day means to me & 5 Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Grinch or not? What does Valentine’s Day mean to me? I could just write “nothing” and this would be the end of this post. To be honest: Valentine’s Day has in fact no deeper meaning for me. I don’t really care about this day. – And I am honest with that. I am not one of these women…
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Bloggerparade #1: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

For more luck in 2018 Actually, I did not really want to write this post in the first place. Writing about new year’s resolutions is such a stereotype. Nevertheless, I cannot quite deny that the start of a new year always feels like a fresh start for me. After all, it is a special date which is perfect for establishing…
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Teddy Jacket Outfit & Things happened in 2017 I’m proud of

Goals & Plans While typing these lines I just remembered an almost two-year old blogpost where I wrote about the goals for my blog. It is so interesting looking back and reading what I planned for my beloved hobby back then – and to compare where I stand now. By the way, you find the post I wrote in the…
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Monday Musings #14: The Story of Bella and Boomer

Man könnte es auch Schicksal nennen Ihr fragt euch vielleicht – und zurecht – was es mit diesem mysteriösen Titel auf sich hat. Wer diesen Blog schon länger verfolgt, hat sicher mitbekommen, dass ich ein absoluter Hundemensch bin und heute möchte ich euch die Geschichte meiner zwei Lieblingshunde erzählen. Boomer, der Hund meiner Eltern und natürlich Bella, meine Border Collie-Mischlingshündin.…
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