The Era of the Monopolists

This post contains product placements. The Death of the Fashion Forums There is an interesting quote in a German novel I am reading at the moment (“Quality Land” by Marc-Uwe Kling). It is about the beginning of the Internet. Everyone was thinking about a brave new world with endless alternatives and different choices. It would be a diverse and fair…
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1000 Questions to Myself #3

Behind the Scenes   Let’s get personal again. This is the reason why I love the medium blog so much: It makes it possible to share more with you than just a few photos and some volatile impressions which may not even get to see due to the algorithm. You find part 1 and 2 of the project “1000 questions…
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Monthly Recap: This was April 2018

Winter turned into High Summer As I already announced in my March Review, my April started with a week in Northern Germany. It was really nice, seeing my family again and getting to spend a day in Hamburg and some days on the beach. Everytime I see it I realize how much I have missed it. The first days in…
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3. BloggerBUREAU in Nürnberg – Erfahrungsbericht

This post is exclusively posted in German.  Info- & Networking-Event Was ist das BloggerBUREAU eigentlich? Ich würde es als ein Networking-Event bezeichnen, auf dem man primär andere Blogger trifft und zusätzlich noch Nützliches für sein Business lernt. Genauere Informationen bekommt ihr allerdings auf Annas Homepage, sie hat das Event jetzt schon zum dritten Mal liebevoll geplant und organisiert (ihren Blog…
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The Influencer Gap

This unabashed PR firm There are these strict bloggers who don’t do cooperations without getting paid. I think this is great and I admire these influencers. However, as a so-called “micro-influencer” I am also happy about PR samples such as high-quality clothes. For new content on Insta you always need new content. But then a PR firm overdid it. What…
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