Monthly Recap: This was January 2019

How about my new year’s resolutions? Some make fun of new year’s resolutions and especially this year it seemed to be a trend among bloggers to declare why those resolutions don’t make sense. However, for me every beginning of a new year feels like a small fresh start. Besides, last year was not my best and I wanted to change…
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Mit arsEdition ins neue Jahr starten

Anzeige/ This post is exclusively written in German. Die guten Neujahrsvorsätze Nimm dir Zeit für Dinge, die dich glücklich machen. Wie ich euch in diesem Beitrag erst erzählt habe, gehöre ich zu den Menschen, die sich Neujahrsvorsätze fassen. Ein neues Jahr ist für mich wie ein kleiner Neustart, der einem die Chance gibt kurz inne zu halten und sich noch…
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Hello 2019 – My Plans and Resolutions

There is always something to improve 2018 was unfortunately not my best year. The reason were mainly due to circumstances I had no control over. Nevertheless there are always things in our lives we can influence and improve. This year I want to leave my comfort zone more often, set more goals and have a greater presence in the here…
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Summer Throwback: Taktraum Festival Ingolstadt

This post contains product placements. A Summer Premiere in July This summer there was a premiere for me: I have visited a festival for the first time. Okay, admittedly it was more the diet-version of a festival. No staying overnight in a tent with dirt and food in tins. I had the opportunity to visit the Taktraum Festvial on two…
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Bloggerparade: Being alone – 5 Tips against Boredom

Product Placements No power for fall depression I was so late with the last blogparade that there is already time for a new one! Right in time for the darker period of the year we (isn’t it incredible how early it gets dark again?) we chose the topic “Being alone – 5 Tips against Boredom”. Since I’m a person who…
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