Monthly Recap: This was February 2018

The first month of spring is here It sounds so stereotype but I’m sure I have used this phrase several times before which does not make it any less true: Time is running. It feels like yesterday when I was standing under the fireworks in Lisbon and welcomed the new year and now we already have March (!). So the…
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Monthly Recap: This was January 2018

January is over and I’m already wondering where summer is January is over and there was another fashionweek in Berlin without me. Somehow the time before Christmas was too stressful to prepare properly  and over Christmas holidays itself I needed some time to relax and recharge my batteries. Besides, I did not want to touch my annual leave yet. Who…
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Hello 2018! – Personal 2017 Review

A Year in a Nutshell It is not easy to sum up a year in one word and so I don’t even start trying it. All in all 2017 was a year full of highs and lows although I’m lucky that there were way more highs! And yes, thinking about it, it was a pretty good year I would say.…
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Monthly Recap: This was November 2017

Christmas is in the Air! Sooner as we all expected: December is here! Time was really running this year and with this new month one of my favorite phases in a year begins (apart from summer): Christmas time. Already last weekend the Christmas market opened here in Ingolstadt but unfortunately weather ruined our plans to drink our first Glühwein (a…
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Monthly Recap: This was October 2017

Bittersüß Der erste Monat, den ich nichts mehr für mein Studium machen musste! Das Allerbeste war dann vor zwei Wochen, und damit viel schneller als erwartet, die Nachricht, dass ich meine Masterarbeit mit 1,2 bestanden habe. Ich bin so überglücklich, dass sich die monatelange harte Arbeit ausgezahlt hat. Allerdings war der Oktober leider der letzte Monat, den Jan und ich…
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