Monthly Recap: This was March 2019

Bittersweet This is the best word to describe my March. Although Jan, Bella and I had a lot of time together I unexpectedly had to face new consequences of my Dengue fever infection from November. But one thing after another: Travelled: A short trip In March I had no “real” vacation but some short trips. So for example to Switzerland…
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Monthly Recap: This was January 2019

How about my new year’s resolutions? Some make fun of new year’s resolutions and especially this year it seemed to be a trend among bloggers to declare why those resolutions don’t make sense. However, for me every beginning of a new year feels like a small fresh start. Besides, last year was not my best and I wanted to change…
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Monthly Recap: These were May & June 2018

The blog loses It is already the middle of July and my last review here on the blog was in April. I’m so sorry that I neglect my blog so much at the moment. I feel like Jecky from wantgetrepeat.com. She describes in one of her posts how much relevancy blogs lost due to Instagram and at the same time…
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Monthly Recap: This was April 2018

Winter turned into High Summer As I already announced in my March Review, my April started with a week in Northern Germany. It was really nice, seeing my family again and getting to spend a day in Hamburg and some days on the beach. Everytime I see it I realize how much I have missed it. The first days in…
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Monthly Recap: This was March 2018

Finally some days off This cold and (apart from a few exceptions) uncomfortable weather is getting on my nerves, the weekend relationship is getting on my nerves and my work too. At least I am on the train towards northern Germany which does not mean better weather but still some relaxed days. Unfortunately I had to realize the last days…
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