1000 Questions to Myself #3

Behind the Scenes   Let’s get personal again. This is the reason why I love the medium blog so much: It makes it possible to share more with you than just a few photos and some volatile impressions which may not even get to see due to the algorithm. You find part 1 and 2 of the project “1000 questions…
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Transitional Style in Pastels

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. And then the transitional time was over… As soon as this nice, fluffy knitwear sweater in this beautiful nude color was provided to me by Rosegal transition time was somehow over and suddenly summer was here. Not that I want to complain about that! Nevertheless I don’t want to keep these photos…
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Embracing Spring + My Favorite Activities

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. This belongs to Spring Finding blooming trees and taking photographies under them is definitely one of the favorite activities of us bloggers in spring. Flying to Japan during cherry blossom as Jasmin from madametamtamtam did would be a dream come true. I found this beautiful example in a park in Ingolstadt. Magnolias…
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SheIn Striped Blouse in the Sun

  Suitable for business In a recent post I just wrote that I have to create a wardrobe a little more suitable for business. No sooner said that done, today two high-heeled shoes ended up in my shopping cart. Also this SheIn striped blouse and the Trendy Label pumps are a step in a more serious direction. With this said…
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Nakd Pop-up-Store in Oberpaur Landshut

Werbung durch Produktplatzierung Ι This post is exclusively written in German NAKD goes offline NAKD ist momentan ein meistgehypten Marken auf Instagram. Ganz zurecht, schließlich sind die Teile der Eigenmarke des Onlineshops super trendy und auch bezahlbar. Ihr könnt euch also sicher meine Begeisterung vorstellen, als die Marke mich kontaktiert und ihr neues Projekt vorgestellt hat: NAKD goes offline! In…
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