Transition Time in my favorite Colors

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. Summertime is here I like the summertime. But I don’t like the change of time. To be honest I still feel a little jetlagt in the morning although I usually wake up before the alarm and go to bed early (how boring I am). Nevertheless I enjoy that now the sun goes…
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Monday Musing #30: The Instagram Trend I hate

As much as I love Instagram… I do love Instagram – still. Since I am someone who started late with the app and therefore missed the first “good old days” anyway I always try to do my best to beat the algorithm. Despite the amount of advertisment and sponsored content and still find many photos inspiring. The Instagram shot of…
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1000 Questions to Myself #2

It is time for a new round of questions and of course answers! You find the first 20 here. 21. How important is it for you what others think about you? I’m not the type who is worried about “what the neighbours could think”. On the other hand I don’t want other people to thing bad things about me. So…
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Pearls allover: Goodbye Winter Trends 2017/2018

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. One of my favorite trends this winter The original plan was to say goodbye to my winter wardrobe right on time for the calendrical beginning of spring. As I said, this was the plan. Then on Saturday it started snowing and kept snowing for 24 hours. It still has minus degrees. So…
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Instagram Name Change: The Story behind

Why thekontemporary.com? Why did I name my blog “thekontemporary.com”? I think, I have never explained the reasons behind this name and always took for granted that everyone would understand I want to say with it. When i founded my blog I still worked for a German fashion retail chain. There was a departmend with the name “Contemporary”. Contemporary fashion describes…
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