1000 Questions to Myself #1

Still searching Somehow I had the assumption that you should have found your goals in life at the age of 28. You should pursue them determinedly and be on the best way to reach your full potential. But I was, to be honest, wrong with this assumption. Somehow I was in the beginning of my twenties more convinced of what…
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SheIn Bow Blazer and Flared Jeans for Saturday

A relaxed Saturday morning Happy Saturday lovelies! I started this Saturday with a relaxed walk with my dog Bella in the morning. It was the best sunny weather! After that I had breakfast with a beloved friend. It there anything better to start the day than pancakes with fresh strawberries? Not for me that is for sure. (I know it’s…
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Pink Teddy Coat & Pinko Love Bag

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. One of the biggest winter trends One of the biggest winter trends of 2017/2018? Teddy coats. I already showed you an egg white model here and a more trendy leopard coat here. This beautiful mode by Popjulia is a little lighter and I’m sure it will be perfect for the early spring…
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Monday Musings #28: How to make Instagram Fun again

The frustration with Instagram grows A new trend runs rampant. Or should I better say, an anti-trend? More and more of the “small” bloggers throw in the towel and delet their Instagram profiles. (You find two blogposts about this topic here and here.) Actually, I can even understand the resignation a little. After all, Instagram is changing their ominous algorithm…
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Artdeco Kosmetik Review Video

This post is exclusively available in German. Nagelneue Kosmetik zum Testen Vor einigen Tagen überraschte mich ein unerwartetes Päckchen auf meiner Terrasse (dort wo der DHL-Bote meines Vertrauens üblicherweise meine Pakete platziert, damit ich ihnen nicht ständig hinterherlaufen muss). Absender war Artdeco und der Inhalt logischerweise: lauter nagelneue Kosmetik für mich zum Testen. Um einen kurzen Überblick über meine Meinung…
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