Christmas at the Baltic Sea

Christmas at the Baltic Sea This year, as admittedly almost every year, I have spent the Christmas holidays with my parents and in-laws in Ostholstein at the beautiful coast of the Baltic Sea. However, this year everything seemed a little more intensive to me. We had some more days off than usual since we already drove up north at the…
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Teddy Jacket Outfit & Things happened in 2017 I’m proud of

Goals & Plans While typing these lines I just remembered an almost two-year old blogpost where I wrote about the goals for my blog. It is so interesting looking back and reading what I planned for my beloved hobby back then – and to compare where I stand now. By the way, you find the post I wrote in the…
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The 10 most-clicked Outfits of 2017

It’s hard to believe but the year 2017 is truly coming to an end (wasn’t time flying?!) and not just in TV it’s now the time of retrospectives. Also on the blog was a lot going on and today I want to share the 10 most-clicked outfits of 2017 with you. 1. In Barcelona with: H&M Dress & Waistbelt 2.…
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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas Since Tuesday I don’t have to work anymore and now I spend the “hot phase” of the Christmas time with my family in northern Germany. As much as I looked forward to these relaxed days at home I have to admit that I was a little wistful driving through snow-covered Bavaria. Here at the Baltic Sea…
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Meine Tipps für gepflegte Haut im Winter

Werbung. This post is exclusively published in German. Eigentlich kämpfe ich das ganze Jahr über mit trockener Haut, da könnt ihr euch sicher vorstellen, dass der Winter mich und meine Haut vor eine besondere Herausforderung stellt. Trockene Heizungsluft, häufiges Duschen und kalter Wind, der einem beim Hundespaziergang ins Gesicht weht – da benötige ich eine Extraportion Feuchtigkeit, damit meine Haut…
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