The famous Hoover Dam

A must-see on our way to Vegas was of course the famous gigantic Hoover Dam on the border of Arizona to Nevada. The construction is really impressive – and it is also a little scary how low the water reserves are. But the Americans are not known for being water savers, are they? Las Vegas, the city in the desert,…
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Las Vegas or: Why I surprisingly loved this City

sweater: Club Monaco, necklace: Primark, jeans: American Eagle, boots: Ugg I have to admit: I had a firm opinion about Las Vegas before I even visited the city. “Too artifical, too much kitsch – and gambling is nothing for me anyway” this is what I thought. Places such as Paris or Vienna are made for me, cities with real culture…
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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon After I spend the Christmas holidays in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I was on my way to Phoenix when I wrote this post. Unfortunately it did not go online due to the weak Internet around there. But I want to show you all the photos we took in a chronological order, so now it is time for…
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2015 you were incredible!

I thought 2014 was extraordinary but then 2015 everything got even more crazy. This year’s topic was definitely changes and new ways: I moved to the USA, quit my job, adopted a super cute dog and have seen so much of the world as never before. My incredible journey to China and the many trips in the states (e.g. to…
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