My favorite spring outfits 2020

What a crazy spring! What a spring this year! Perhaps you wonder now if I mean it in a positive or negative way – both would be true. The weather here in Bavaria has been so beautiful that I already was stand-up paddling in a bikini two times in April! I have never experienced such high temperatures so early in…
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The Era of the Monopolists

This post contains product placements. The Death of the Fashion Forums There is an interesting quote in a German novel I am reading at the moment (“Quality Land” by Marc-Uwe Kling). It is about the beginning of the Internet. Everyone was thinking about a brave new world with endless alternatives and different choices. It would be a diverse and fair…
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Nakd Pop-up-Store in Oberpaur Landshut

Werbung durch Produktplatzierung Ι This post is exclusively written in German NAKD goes offline NAKD ist momentan ein meistgehypten Marken auf Instagram. Ganz zurecht, schließlich sind die Teile der Eigenmarke des Onlineshops super trendy und auch bezahlbar. Ihr könnt euch also sicher meine Begeisterung vorstellen, als die Marke mich kontaktiert und ihr neues Projekt vorgestellt hat: NAKD goes offline! In…
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