My favorite spring outfits 2020

What a crazy spring! What a spring this year! Perhaps you wonder now if I mean it in a positive or negative way – both would be true. The weather here in Bavaria has been so beautiful that I already was stand-up paddling in a bikini two times in April! I have never experienced such high temperatures so early in…
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Thank you Golden October

No Reason for Melancholy Right when I wanted to start being sad and melancholic because summer came to an end – and with that my favorite season – this amazing October started. And it went on and on. I am so thankful for these extra late summer days since Jan and I did not have a lot of time together…
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1000 Questions to Myself #2

It is time for a new round of questions and of course answers! You find the first 20 here. 21. How important is it for you what others think about you? I’m not the type who is worried about “what the neighbours could think”. On the other hand I don’t want other people to thing bad things about me. So…
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1000 Questions to Myself #1

Still searching Somehow I had the assumption that you should have found your goals in life at the age of 28. You should pursue them determinedly and be on the best way to reach your full potential. But I was, to be honest, wrong with this assumption. Somehow I was in the beginning of my twenties more convinced of what…
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One Patent Leather Skirt – Two Styles

  Not the everday piece of clothing Admittedly a patent leather skirt is not an everday piece of clothing. It is the same with over-the-knee boots and fishnet tights, they have kind of a naughty reputation. Since I wanted to style the patent leather skirt in a way it looks cool and not cheap I tried different combinations. The result…
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