Hallo & Herzlich willkommen
Ich freue mich, dass du auf meine Seite gefunden hast. Mein Name ist Kristina und auf dieser Seite geht es um die Themen, die mich am meisten beschäftigen: Mode, Reisen und News aus dem Online Marketing.

Hello 2019 – My Plans and Resolutions

There is always something to improve 2018 was unfortunately not my best year. The reason were mainly due to circumstances I had no control over. Nevertheless there are always things in our lives we can influence and improve. This year I want to leave my comfort zone more often, set more goals and have a greater presence in the here…
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My 2018 – A Review

A long break from the blog Talking about the blog, somehow the second half of 2018 was not meant for it. Or to be more precise: The 24 hours of one day weren’t enough time or I didn’t have enough energy since I also had to sleep eventually. To make a long story short, what I wasn’t able to manage…
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Thank you Golden October

No Reason for Melancholy Right when I wanted to start being sad and melancholic because summer came to an end – and with that my favorite season – this amazing October started. And it went on and on. I am so thankful for these extra late summer days since Jan and I did not have a lot of time together…
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Summer Throwback: Taktraum Festival Ingolstadt

This post contains product placements. A Summer Premiere in July This summer there was a premiere for me: I have visited a festival for the first time. Okay, admittedly it was more the diet-version of a festival. No staying overnight in a tent with dirt and food in tins. I had the opportunity to visit the Taktraum Festvial on two…
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Bloggerparade: Being alone – 5 Tips against Boredom

Product Placements No power for fall depression I was so late with the last blogparade that there is already time for a new one! Right in time for the darker period of the year we (isn’t it incredible how early it gets dark again?) we chose the topic “Being alone – 5 Tips against Boredom”. Since I’m a person who…
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