Sportinsel Mallorca: Meine Tipps für sportliche Aktivitäten

*in Kooperation mit Hunkemöller Als ich am ersten Tag nach meinem Urlaub einem Kollegen an der Kaffeemaschine erzählte, dass ich auf Mallorca gewesen war, kam nur folgende Reaktion: “Nur Hotel und Party wäre ja nicht so mein Ding.” Das ließ mich etwas perplex zurück. Erstens weiß ich überhaupt nicht, ob Partymachen überhaupt schon möglich ist. (Ich bezweifle es, da Mallorca…
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My Thailand Dengue Fever Story

First of all I want to apologize that I let so much time pass until the publishing of this post. Many of my friends and colleagues wanted to know what happened to me in Thailand and I’m sure it could also be interesting for you “out there”. After all we are living in a globalized world and long-distance travels are…
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My Florida Roadtrip – Route & Activities

One of my greatest travels so far One of my favorite travels so far? Definitely this roadtrip through one of the most beautiful states of the US. Funny enough that this destination was not at all on top of my “bucket list”. After one and a half years in Texas, a time I also saw many other parts of the…
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My 5 Must-Do’s in Madrid

Not just Barcelona is worth a visit When it is about city trips in spain the focus is mainly on Barcelona. Undeniable, this is a beautiful city as I already showed you for example here. However, about trips to Madrid I haven’t heard so much before. When I got the opportunity in October to visit the city for a long…
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Long Weekend in the Alpes: A Recap

    A weekend for Alpes beginners Although I’ve been living in the south of Germany for some years now, I have to admit that I am a total Alpes beginner! Winter sports is also not really my thing and I’m also not into climbing or hiking. However, when we wanted to take a small break from our everyday routine…
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