Monday Musings #28: How to make Instagram Fun again

The frustration with Instagram grows A new trend runs rampant. Or should I better say, an anti-trend? More and more of the “small” bloggers throw in the towel and delet their Instagram profiles. (You find two blogposts about this topic here and here.) Actually, I can even understand the resignation a little. After all, Instagram is changing their ominous algorithm…
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What Valentine’s Day means to me & 5 Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Grinch or not? What does Valentine’s Day mean to me? I could just write “nothing” and this would be the end of this post. To be honest: Valentine’s Day has in fact no deeper meaning for me. I don’t really care about this day. – And I am honest with that. I am not one of these women…
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New Instagram Algorithm Changes January 2018

Instagram’s power is continuing For us fashion bloggers Instagram is a must. Actually, you can say it became our main medium. A blog is more “nice to have”, Instagram followers is what counts. However, I have do admit: I did not see this development coming. Too long I put all eggs in one basket and just worked on my blog.…
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Monthly Recap: This was January 2018

January is over and I’m already wondering where summer is January is over and there was another fashionweek in Berlin without me. Somehow the time before Christmas was too stressful to prepare properly  and over Christmas holidays itself I needed some time to relax and recharge my batteries. Besides, I did not want to touch my annual leave yet. Who…
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Early 2018 Beauty Favorites

Although this year is still very young, there are some beauty products that already stole my heart. Nevertheless I want to mention that I planned for 2018 not to hoard creams, foundations and other beauty stuff like crazy. I just want to buy what I really need. Honestly, nobody needs five opened shampoos at the same time. However, let’s go…
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