Handtaschenliebe & Vintage Shopping Online

Werbung. / This post is exclusively published in German. Das neueste Mitglied meiner Taschensammlung Darf ich euch vorstellen: Mein neuer Taschenliebling. Als Weihnachtsgeschenk habe ich mir dieses Schmuckstück von Pinko in Lissabon ausgesucht. Zwar ist Pinko ein italienisches Label, doch diese Tasche wird mich nun immer an den wunderschönen Urlaub in Portugal erinnern. Bei den vielen verschiedenen Variationen der “Love-Bag”…
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SheIn Sweatpants & Transparent Stars Shirt

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. The Sweatpants Trend is still going strong Berlin Fashionweek is in full swing and I am … home in Ingolstadt. Having a fulltime-job it is difficult to get days off in the beginning of the year. Additionally I wasn’t sure if it is worth to sacrifice precious vacation days so early in…
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Timmendorfer Strand Seebrücke: Wearing Pink

A Sunny Day in the North During my stay at the Baltic Sea I was lucky that the sun showed at least for a few days. Something that is not usual in a winter at the coast. The blue sky did not last long and we had to get up early these days since the sun sets already at 2:30…
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Monday Musings #25: My Beloved Routine

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. The unloved, loved Routine Routine, habit, comfortzone. These are all words that have a slightly negative connotation. Instead, every self-help book tells us to leave our comfortzone and break out of our daily routine. We should travel, experience adventures and be spontaneous and flexible everywhere and everytime of the day. In no…
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Casual at the Baltic Sea in Pink Mango Coat

This post contains affiliate links and product placements. Discovering harbour city Heiligenhafen Have you ever heard of Heiligenhafen? Probably not. Although this small city at the Baltic Sea is really worth a visit. Late, when I had already moved out and in another state, I realized how beautiful my home was. Also investors found this place really late but they…
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