Meine Kriterien für den perfekten Arbeitgeber

Anzeige. This post is exclusively written in German. In einer perfekten Welt wären das meine Kriterien für den perfekten Arbeitgeber Stellen wir uns vor, wir lebten in einer fast perfekten Welt. Vollbeschäftigung, die Wirtschaft boomt, der DAX steigt und steigt und Unternehmen fast jeder Branche suchen händeringend nach Arbeitskräften. Wir sprechen hier also quasi von meinem Wohnort Bayern von vor…
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My Thailand Dengue Fever Story

First of all I want to apologize that I let so much time pass until the publishing of this post. Many of my friends and colleagues wanted to know what happened to me in Thailand and I’m sure it could also be interesting for you “out there”. After all we are living in a globalized world and long-distance travels are…
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My favorite Winter Outfits 2019/2020

… and then Winter just cancelled This winter there somehow was no…winter. Even here near Munich I can count the days we had snowfall on one hand. – And is hasn’t been white for 24 hours a single time as far as I can remember. A winter in southern Germany without snow? I haven’t experienced that in the ten years…
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